Friday, January 21, 2011


Is the title deep HUH?? Yes indeed, it's french!!! is actually french children song...and how i got to know it??

Is from this movie "THE PAINTED VEIL" acted by naomi watts which basically had a devastated ending (atleast for me).....was so sad of seeing her lover died from malaria which she used to betrayed him on an is hard for me describing the whole synopsis, because it contains lots of tale that i much rather to tell you JUST GO AND WATCH IT.....

As the best part of this movie is the ending with the this french choir song played...I wont b posting the video cause I cant find a decent looking video...coz i dont think it is decent to start with showing someone being buried...

the song meaning which caught my attention:

Title: At the Clear Fountain

At the clear fountain,
While I was strolling by,
I found the water so nice
That I went in to bathe.

So long I've been loving you,
I will never forget you.
Under an oak tree,
I dried myself.
On the highest branch,
A nightingale was singing.

Sing, nightingale, sing,
Your heart is so happy.
Your heart feels like laughing,
Mine feels like weeping.

I lost my beloved,
Without deserving it,
For a bunch of roses,
That I denied her.

I wanted the rose
To be still on the bush,
And my sweet beloved
To be still loving me.

hmm not much i can say...would u hv the chance to devour such kind of love???

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Down the road where i miss u badly

Speaking from my previous relationship, I've lost faith towards wat's about love....
"They say" I hv changed~~~ brutally love?? no...i ain't tat bad

I knew how bad my tempered is compared to last time, how impatient I am compared to last time, how demanding I am compared to last time, how unreasonable I am compared to last time... With all my bad 'sins', you just accepting all of it~~

So well that I am absolute stubborn to be that mean girl which i knew you deserve more than that.....

I feel nothing yesterday and any day before until today you gonna leave...

An hour and a half to the airport was just nothing for me because u still beside me.

When we are at the airport, I am so delighted that ur plane delay an hour late which you dont know how glad i am.

So u insist to watch me drive away from airport rather than sending u into the i did... and i can feel the horror is approaching while i drove out the airport.... As i drove, sending a sms telling me u left a letter in the car..doesnt help at all....and so i stop the car beside the highway and read it...line by line, my tears can stand no more and just flow....and giving u a call...

80kms road back home~~

at the 60kms...i am feeling despair, and tears coming down the 2nd times

at the 40kms...i see the familiar suburd road sign and i seem to be calmer as I am accepting the fact that you are not here and i cant change the fact tat i m going home alone without u this time and telling myself i gotto move on...

at the 20kms...oh no good...I can see the road sign of my suburd road... every moment we spent together flash through my feels like the road is endlessly with tears and tears

at the 5kms...seeing all the buildings, the roads, the stores, i feel so strange, they turn to be so unfamiliar to me just because without you....

Reach i wander and stare.... Then i realize how much i miss you and how much i love you...3 mths..hope everything stay the same as we pray and wait....
Waking up in the morning of 6am and long distance drive doesnt make us look cheerful ^^

Friday, July 10, 2009

DisOrganised Life

Alright alright first of all

Apology for

Aint updating my blog

And I am Ready to be Shoot Here


To make it short, My Life here got a few routine:

Study, Work, Cook, Hang out, Dating


Kind of lost from the IT world,

Study & Work is kind of tiring but worth for shopping

Again soon will be even busier
since I am going to move into a new "house"
and 2nd sem start next week.


Recent Me: I know i look more "chubby" - FAT LA!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Farewell from Close and Cute fren (CC)

Well im taking it as a little farewell....i will miss their craziness....

MUACKS...eventhough they were my frens from other class, but nvrmind about it, still close....

jia xi, jenn yu, jia yu, mei chin and cho kang den me!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Farewell from 2ndary frens

Well Well Late Post....for my farewell...Basically i have few posts on farewell...1st of all from my 2ndary classmate...class 4a10 & 5a10...Well they gav me the best moment during sch time...To be honest, most of the teachers that taught us before wont like us tat much, even our form teacher( we went bac to sch to visit her, she dun really welcome us warmly....I GUESS...LOL...well we got some troublemaker in da class-.- and kept comin up with issues, so i can say tat WE WERE NAUGHTY.

Now at the same time Boon Shuang would be leaving as well...So kind of a gathering and a farewell for both of us...Good Thing...It was fun...

Boon Shuang & ME

the cake -.-""

the girls

the guys

Anyway sorry guys, i cant upload much pic here, i got quota limit....LOL. So Checkout my Facebook k...LOL


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Strangers Land

hey guys, i will post up following blog shortly,
well im in australia, Geelong,
and im safe and worries...
wats make me miserable, is i do really really miss everyone of u in Malaysia,
do take care alot k....will follow up v u guys soon....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Alrite..since JENson has specified my careless of lefting him out in ma blog...
Here is the add on plus bonus appreciation for him~~
Anyway actually JEN...when did u really strike singleout v me?? LOL
U r more EMO k and u mana ada time teman me singleoout,
Everyday u r searching for the precious girl of urs and
playin ur BB wife...watelse...LOL

OKOK...well u really did spent sometime to hear my heck stories,
LOL not as compare 2 zahra and angie for spending time v me single-out the whole
BUT anyway i appreciate tat u pernah patiently hear wat i said la....hahaha
and enjoyed seeing u EMO about some "issue" which my surrounding guys' fren
dun usually hv the problem..

#to all my fellow blog readers, I recommend u guys 2 checkout JENSON blog...
ITs AWESOME~~informative, interesting, weird and bla bla bla~~
I LOVE all the PICTURE in his blog~~jz nice~~

Specially for aunty JEN~~LOL~~ JK!!
I seiously hope u will find the most precious girl tat u searching for!!!